Welcome to Studio FAAREIA

FAAREIA is a small firm located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in web design and development, online marketing, positioning as well as graphic and publishing design.

Our clients are always in the search of a customized work and the support of a professional expert ready to help them all along the project, rather than having to cope with the times, teams and standard solutions usually offered by large agencies.

This is why FAAREIA’s philosophy is to remain small so as to always achieve a real and tangible connection with the client and with the work performed.

About our services

Web design and development

  • Web design
  • Web layout
  • Web development
  • Content manager
  • E-Commerce

Online marketing and positioning

  • Social networks
  • Positioning
  • Semantic HTML
  • Rich snippets

Graphic and publishing design

  • Graphic design
  • Publishing design
  • Branding
  • Corporate identity

Latest projects