Regarding the studio

Who we are...

FAAREIA is a small firm located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in web design and development, online marketing, positioning as well as graphic and publishing design.

Our philosophy

Our clients are always in the search of a customized work and the support of a professional expert ready to help them all along the project, rather than having to cope with the times, teams and standard solutions usually offered by large agencies.
This is why FAAREIA’s philosophy is to remain small so as to always achieve a real and tangible connection with the client and with the work performed.

Our methodology

For us, each project is unique and special. Consequently, our work plan is based on the conclusions resulting from the combination of the client’s ideas and goals and our broad-based experience in the services required.

Additionally, and upon the request of the client, we may also offer the services of a team of collaborators in areas such as photography, illustration, advertising, animation and industrial design, among others.

Creativity and innovation

In order to meet these objectives and deliver highly professional services, we must always question ourselves things such as: Is our work creative? Is it innovative? This is the only way to achieve the streamlined results we seek for.

Services required by the client.
Client´s objectives.
Ideas and conclusions emerging from the dialogue with the client.
Emergence of the project.
Analysis of the project.
Work methodologies and strategies creation.
Beginning of the project.
Evolution of the project, progress and corrections.
Completion of the project.