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Film and media arts
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To create a site that can serve not only as a directory of Argentine films but also as a place where spectators can read information about movies, news and cultural agendas provided and generated by the different INCAA Spaces in Argentina.
Web site
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Web site
  • INCAA Spaces in ArgentinaINCAA Spaces in Argentina
  • Home - KM 2 La MáscaraHome - KM 2 La Máscara
  • Film - KM 1140 Cinco SaltosFilm - KM 1140 Cinco Saltos
  • KM 350 C.C. La Fragua space timetableKM 350 C.C. La Fragua space timetable
  • KM 1173 La Rioja space agendaKM 1173 La Rioja space agenda

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