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Web design and development

Web design

Our designs are the result of analyzing the goals in mind and the contents defined. By perfectly organizing and structuring the information, we can create a web site that is user-friendly, flexible, attractive, agile, well organized and easy to read and surf.

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Web layout

We will study the design in depth and plan the layout process so as to obtain a clean and flexible structure underpinned by a grid and characterized by its semantics and identical display in the different browsers of desktop computers and mobile phones.

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Web development

We plan and project each development working together and harmoniously with the design area on a synchronized basis. Our modules and systems are sound, scalable and dynamic, as well as easy to use and interact with.

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Content manager

In order to optimize the work flow, reduce development costs and time, edit, update, add and eliminate content continuously, as well as react efficiently and effectively to the competition, the best option is to opt for a content manager.

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Having an online store will allow you to showcase all your products and offer them permanently to an ever-growing market. In addition, the sales platform designed and developed by FAAREIA will be attractive, manageable, flexible and scalable.

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Online marketing and positioning

Social networks

We will create online marketing strategies and actions based on the interaction with social networks, which not only make your site more dynamic but also serve as platforms to include advertising, offers and announcements.

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Our work team is always aware of the news and changes offered by the different search engines. And it will be permanently analyzing the market and your competitors so as to prepare a plan specifically adapted to your needs and goals.

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Semantic HTML

By working on the most appropriate layout, consistent with the established web standards, we will give true meaning to each piece of information of your site. This is the first step to position the site correctly because it facilitates content reading by search engines.

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Rich snippets

On the specific area of positioning, we will analyze and add properties to all the content of the site. As a result, search engines will not simply read but also interpret the information, which will translate into organic results.

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Graphic and publishing design

Graphic design

Based on the ideas, concepts, objectives and the target audience of each project, FAAREIA will plan and create a visual communication strategy in each area requiring design such as flyers, publishing, branding, identity, web site, etc.

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Publishing design

According to the content, approach and target market, we will create a work schedule and graphic style for your publishing piece. Impact and innovation will be our priority without sacrificing the content to be communicated.

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Your brand is the graphic ingredient that identifies you in the market. Therefore, we will develop and create a unique form of expression without forgetting that to be truly successful the design must be readable, scalable, reproducible, distinctive and memorable.

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Corporate identity

The track record, philosophy and culture of your company will give us the foundations to forge your corporate personality through an exclusive morphological, chromatic, typographic and photographic system. When the project is completed, you will receive a handbook of the graphic system created for you.

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